30% growth & 300 new clients in 2017

With 30% growth in 2017, Talentsoft strengthens its position as the European leader in talent management

Talentsoft, the European leader in cloud-based talent management and learning software, announced revenues of €52M for 2017, representing an annual growth of nearly 30%, and forecasts revenues of €70M for 2018. Talentsoft gained 300 new customers in 2017 and counts nearly one million new users on its platform in 100 countries and 27 languages. With 600 employees, and an R&D team of 200 developers based in Europe, Talentsoft clearly affirms its position as The HR SaaS leader in Europe.

A business model that combines rapid growth and financial stability

Talentsoft enters 2018 with a revenue backlog of €75M due to existing contracts, and benefits from strong financial stability as a result. Customer contracts with the software vendor average an initial term of four years, and fully benefit from the recurring and predictable nature of SaaS products. Talentsoft’s growth has been supported by a loyal, 1,800 member-strong customer base with a 97% retention rate – well above the industry average. Based on company performance and upcoming innovations Talentsoft predicts 30% growth for the coming years which will allow it to cross the symbolic revenue threshold of $100M USD in 2019 and further cement itself as one of Europe’s leading technology companies.

300 new customers worldwide in 2017

In Europe, Talentsoft added well-respected names to its customer base, including: in the UK, Dorchester Collection, global luxury hotel operator for iconic hotels like 45 Park Lane; in Spain, El Corte Inglés, the country’s largest department store chain; in Belgium, Shurgard, the largest self-storage provider in Europe; in Sweden, Bulten, one of the largest suppliers of fasteners to the European automotive market; in Denmark, the metro and the University of Copenhagen; in Germany, Schmolz + Bickenbach, one of the world’s leading providers of long steel products, and Hennecke, a pioneer in high-pressure technology; and in the Netherlands, KLM and Rotra, global operator in logistics. France experienced particularly notable growth, with more than 100 new customers, including the largest national operator of services (200,000 employees).

Talentsoft has also seen accelerated growth outside of Europe, including Air Canada, two major oil companies in Brazil, Chemical Specialties Pte Ltd et Impactiva Pte Ltd in Singapore, and the leader in the construction sector in west Africa.

In addition to adding new customers, many multinational customers completed worldwide deployments of Talentsoft. They include Toyota, DB Schenker, Safran, Vinci, Bolloré… Talentsoft has been able to make the significant step of having users in more than 100 countries, with the majority of its 9 million users operating outside of France.  

Continuous innovation

One of the challenges plaguing multinationals, particularly those in Europe, has been the collaborative administration of data across teams, departments, and borders. In early 2017 Talentsoft Hub was successfully released to address these issues and facilitate HR data management. Talentsoft Hub is a hybrid Core HR module that allows companies to easily integrate existing HR and admin systems, thereby enabling companies to continue their use of current tools and preserve their investments while simultaneously adopting new, innovative HR software. When coupled with Talentsoft Analytics, Talentsoft Hub delivers dashboards that empower HRDs to more successfully pursue their strategies.

Connectivity is one of the core aspects of Talentsoft’s approach to innovation and its solution is becoming the world’s most open HR platform. Meanwhile, the company is increasing its focus on the development of universal APIs that make it possible to integrate with all HR innovations and empower customers to select and use the tools that best suit their needs.

“Talentsoft is the only European vendor of this size in this market. This gives us the advantage of offering solutions that perfectly fit with the needs of European multinational companies, while offering global deployment capabilities. Our platform integrates European HR best practices and regulations, including GDPR, whereas our US competitors stay focused on the US market where they conduct more than 80 % of their activity” says Jean-Stéphane Arcis, CEO and co-founder of Talentsoft. “Organisations choose Talentsoft for the importance we place on employees and working experience, quick time to value, and unparalleled proximity to European groups”.