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This year, analysts placed us in a position that reinforces our ambitions & leadership



As Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Talentsoft, I am very proud of what our teams have achieved lately.

The past 12 months have been particularly great: we acquired the European Leader in Digital Learning which is now Talentsoft Learning; we hired over 190 new employees in about 10 months; we moved our headquarters and empowered our employees to lead that project; we launched our new Core HR “Talentsoft Hub” solution; we kept growing our base of eight million happy users and thousands of happy customers worldwide.

Along with my fellow co-founders Jean-Stéphane Arcis and Joël Bentolila, I couldn’t be prouder of our teams. And what’s even more rewarding is that the analysts understand our vision, what we are trying to achieve and how we want to achieve it!

Recognition for the Talent Management suite

Back in October, Fosway Group placed us as a Core Challenger in their Fosway 9-grid™ for Integrated Talent Management, as you can see below. “Talentsoft’s engagement platform shows a strategic approach from sourcing to digital learning, making them one of the leading European talent vendors. Talentsoft is also becoming well positioned to play more strongly with larger enterprise businesses with global deployments.” said David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group. The analyst firm has deep expertise in the Learning market. They are based in the UK and focus on advising European HR leaders. Their assessment of the market and our strengths is particularly interesting to us as a European company. It rewards our focus on developing new products and completing our current solution.


In November 2016, we were also positioned as a Leader in the Talent Management Technology Value Matrix of Nucleus Research. “The Talentsoft UX is strong”, analysts Barbara Peck and Brent Skinner said, and it will continue to be one of our top priorities for 2017. Nucleus Research – a US-based analyst with a focus on ROI studies and real-world analysis of technology deployments – underlined the fact that we keep “an eye toward developing human capital and building employee loyalty”.


On December 2nd, Talentsoft was named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Learning And Performance Management, Q4 2016.  This was the first time we were recognized in a Forrester Wave and the angle that Claire Schooley, the author of the report and principal analyst at Forrester, chose for her analysis was particularly interesting: the Wave evaluated how software vendors integrate learning within the talent development process. The report emphasized our capability to develop a truly personalized solution for our clients. We do spend a lot of effort to understand the specific needs of our clients and co-create our solution with them. Our tool really proves itself: “(…) Talentsoft (…) offer[s] competitive options, while Haufe lags behind”, as columnist Dan Ring put it after reading the Forrester report.

Our 2017 Winter Product Launch was the opportunity for us to reveal the Talentsoft Hub, our new Core HR and workforce management solution. Alexandro Stratis and Bo Lykkegaard from IDC Research wrote a research note on 2017, February 9th (entitled “Talentsoft Complements its HCM Offering with Launch of New Core HR Solution in Busy Start to 2017”) about our product launch and confirmed the positive direction of our product roadmap: “With the launch of Talentsoft Hub, Talentsoft also emerges as an attractive HCM suite provider, since the solution offers core HR functionality and can act as an overlay on top of older, local HR solutions.”.

Finally, Gartner just released their 2017 of the Magic Quadrant for Talent Management Suites. Talentsoft is once again recognized as Visionary! In the “Strengths” section of the vendor profile, Gartner analysts commented that  “This year, Talentsoft’s references gave it satisfaction ratings that were well above average for integration (both within the TM suite and with other applications), collaborative capabilities, and the training made available.”. Gartner also mentioned that Talentsoft’s references for this year also indicated very high levels of satisfaction with product value for money spent, and gave it high reference satisfaction scores for pricing and contract flexibility (compared with the other vendors in the Magic Quadrant).”

Recognition for our integrated talent management & digital learning roadmap

The product integration is going well, the team synergies are fostering discussion and innovation, and I am content to see that we were able to achieve such a high level of collaboration in such a short period of time. The Talentsoft solution can now be leveraged by HR professionals all the way from sourcing potential talents to training and developing their competencies and furthering their careers.

And it is an important step forward! Claire Schooley from Forrester for example thinks that “For organizations thinking that way, it is important to have the learning and performance together”. We completely agree with her and that is why we put in so much efforts and focus to ensure a seamless and deep integration with learning feeding all talent management processes from onboarding to performance management, internal mobility, career development, talent review, etc.

But it’s not all about integration. We are investing development resources to ensure fast paced innovation within the learning applications (LMS, LCMS, training admin, SkillCatch) and have delivered a series of new features along the way. Stay tuned for the new version of our LMS, to be launched in March 2017!

Both our focus on integration and on product innovation played a part in Fosway Group ranking us as a Strategic Leader in the Digital Learning Fosway 9-grid™, and as a Core Challenger both in the Learning Systems and Authoring Systems Fosway 9-grid™. And, on top of all this, Brandon Hall recognized Talentsoft Learning for the 6th consecutive year!

Fosway 9-Grid -Digital-Learning-2017Fosway-9-Grid-Learning-Systems-2017Fosway-Authoring-Systems

I really want to thank all the teams worldwide for making this possible through their hard work and the focus they bring in every day. This success is theirs! Also, we couldn’t have reached this level of performance without the help of our clients, who continuously co-create the solution with us. Thank you for being such a source of precious knowledge.

We are very excited that our vision and work resonate with the different analysts, and we want to keep going. We still want to grow, and our teams are still focused on offering a unique and personalized experience at work for all our users. As Alexandros Stratis and Bo Lykkegaard from IDC Research put it:  we are entering “an era where software vendors help customers design the “Working Experience.”” That’s exactly what we are doing!

Thanks a lot to everyone involved and let’s continue this great adventure together!