EASYRECRUE: a new strategic partner

homme d'affaires en call vidéo sur son ordinateur portable

EASYRECRUE, Europe’s leading provider of video pre-screening, and Talentsoft European leader in cloud-based talent management and learning software announced their new partnership and integration.  Both software companies are combining their respective technologies to better meet their clients’ needs. 

French companies with a 100% SaaS solution, Talentsoft and EASYRECRUE want to make HR professional’s work easier by optimizing recruitment and talent management processes. These two pioneers also share a similar DNA: innovation, rapid growth and international development. Today, their global ambitions will be fuelled through efficient and long-lasting partnershis.

The main challenge is to take advantage of the companies’ synergies to adapt to clients’ needs by proposing a smoother experience: concretely, clients from both companies will be able to invite a candidate to pre-record a video interview and then view it on Talentsoft’s platform, without connecting to EASYRECRUE, thus saving time and ensuring data consolidation.

« With this integration, companies choosing EASYRECRUE and Talentsoft will have access to our video interview solution », says Mickaël Cabrol, EASYRECRUE’s CEO. « It enables our clients to easily and pro-actively manage their pre-screening video process. »

This partnership between two major players of Europe’s HR tech ecosystem will enhance recruitment processes while opening them to more diversity – and therefore better performance. The pre-recorded video interview technology has demonstrated a significant impact on the quality of new hires and it is now available within Talentsoft’s solution.

« We are very pleased with this new partnership, which comes within our strategy to open Talentsoft’s platform to innovative solutions such as EASYRECRUE,» explains Alexandre Pachulski, Talentsoft’s Chief Product Officer.