Nucleus Research publish its report dedicated to Talentsoft’s product launch

Product Launch Club TS

In his report « Talentsoft launches updated HCM”, Nucleus, the leader in information technology research , has written about the latest announcements Talentsoft made during its annual conference in Barcelona. According to Trevor White, analyst at Nucleus Research, those changes will help Talentsoft to provide a complete and competitive core HCM offering for European organizations. Among those announcements:

  • The introduction of a new artificial intelligence feature called the Smart Assistant which recommends whether an individual is ready to consider a new position.
  • Talentsoft Continuous Conversation, an ongoing collaborative performance management module, will provide real-time dashboards to enable managers to quickly view employee performance and identify where coaching may be needed.
  • Talentsoft’s AI will help individuals discover which skills make their singularity and which one can be added to their profile.
  • Talensoft was recently named Microsoft Partner of the year for 2019 and has collaborated with Microsoft to help organizations expand its talent capabilities. Indeed, by combining Microsoft Teams and Talentsoft, and Microsoft Graph Data Connect, conversation in the work environment will be facilitated.

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